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Geometry dash is a game full of jumping,flying,zig-zaging,ufo-flying,defying-gravity nonsense.

Geometry Dash InfoEdit

Geometry Dash was made by RopTop Games and was the first of 4 games. I will be explaining all of these games to you.

Geometry Dash: Was made in 2013(For Mobile/PC)Is a Clicking/tapping game to where you are a cube going through levels made by RobTop. Has 21 levels(according to Update 2.1)

Geometry Dash Meltdown: Was made in 2015 is the awesome sequel to the actual game. One thing, it has 18 less levels

Geometry Dash World: Was made recently and is the newest game. Only has 10 levels though.

Geometry Dash Lite: The same as Geometry Dash but has only 7 levels and less achievments. You can't play online levels or make levels. So any vault is not acsessible.

Geometry Dash SubZero The new game that came out 2017. Has only 3 levels but features 2.2
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